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Frequently Asked Questions and all answers

What industries do we serve?

Our service is universal for SMEs and non-profit organizations in all sectors in the Oman, UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Bahrain and Kuwait.  We have various types of clients.

Do you build websites?

We usually recommend tailor-made themes to fit our clients' business and help them successfully launch their website.  We help you write and arrange contents for your website and establish links to your social media accounts.

How can I become your customer?

Just contact us and provide details about nature of your business, current marketing strategies, business objectives and main obstacles you want to overcome as far as your online presence is concerned.  We will then do the rest. 

What can you do for my business, in a nutshell?

We make sure that you are broadcasting the right message to the right customers and obtaining the desired results.  Your social media accounts as well as your website will be geared to increase your sales.

Do you create and/provide contents?

Generally, we do not provide or create any sorts of contents such as text, photos, graphics, videos or any other media.  We expect our clients to come up with their own and we advise them on how to present them.

Do you use any tools, softwares or apps to deliver?

Yes.  There are several popular tools that give better control over multiple social media accounts and monitor the impact of each of your post on social media.  We also use dedicated tools SEO.

What if my business does not have or require social media presence?

Being able to have an online storefront and market to customers outside of your current reach is a huge opportunity for many entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Therefore, it is important to have a website optimized for search engines and social media accounts as part of your SEO process.  Nevertheless, you can control the type of info you publish.

Why should I hire you while I can do it myself?

Honestly, if you can optimize your social media accounts and your website for search engine at an affordable cost and with the ability to achieve the anticipated results, then you should do it yourself.  However, like any other service, it is advisable to rely on professionals and capitalize on economies of scale the professionals can offer.  Besides, you really need to focus on what you can do best, i.e. your core business and outsource some support functions.

What are the basic social media management services I shall expect to receive?
  • Optimize or create social media profiles from scratch
  • Develop a content calendar
  • Publish custom branded content (i.e. posts and tweets)
  • Responding to customer questions, reviews and complaints across social platforms
  • Connect with influencers to broaden the reach of your content
What SEO services do you offer?
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO Analysis
  • Content Circulation
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Link Building
SEO Consultancy

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Competitor Analysis

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Social Marketing

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Reportyng & Analysis

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