post your video resume for free

Post Your Video Resume on Our Homepage for Free!

Post video resume for free

Speak directly to over 500 registered employers

Oman’s leading job portal is pleased to announce the launch of free video resume. Your resume video will appear on homepage along with others’.
Yo can now send us a video of yourself addressing potential employers with the following biodata:
Current Location
Experience (if any)
Why should any organization hire you
Any other information that might interest employers
The video can be in any language
Your resume video will appear on homepage along with others’. We will also send video links to hundreds of our clients in Oman and across the GCC.
Send your video resume plus your document resume to


View a sample video resume here


Make your resume video using your phone and email it to us

Keep it short and simple and use your mobile if you wish.  Speak about yourself in any language you desire and send us a copy.  We will share this copy with hundreds of employers in Oman, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi and UAE and upload it on our front page.


This Service if free (at least for now)

We have decided to make this service available to everyone during the next few week.  However, the space is limited as we can only post a limited number of resume videos at a time. So hurry up and book your spot and let your future employer contact you with your dream offer!

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