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We continue establishing contacts with major employer in the Gulf.  We have succeeded in attracting more employers in Qatar to post jobs in Qatar on


You can now search for jobs in Qatar in many sectors.  Such sectors include: green energy, oil and gas, telecom, maintenance, construction and administration.  Jobs in Qatar are open for professionals from around the world and with various skills and background.


We anticipate that Qatar will continue offering exciting job opportunities to expats for several years to come.  This is simply due to Qatar’s aspiring long-term growth plan.  Naturally, most of Qatar’s efforts during the coming few years would be towards successful hosting of 2022 World Cup.  Qatar Minister of Finance Ali Sharief announced in 2017 that Qatar is actually spending $500 million every week on infrastructure.


The population of Qatar grew by more from 1.78 millions in 2010 to nearly 2.75 millions by the end of 2018.  While Qatar nationals are estimated at around 300,000, there are nearly 2.3 millions expats and their family members.  According to employers in Qatar, the number is likely to grow during the next decade.  This simply means more job opportunities for expats in Qatar.


Factors to consider while looking for jobs in Qatar

Our experience with employers in Qatar reveal that despite the rush for rapid execution of several projects but quality remains a key concern.  Therefore, employers in Qatar are particular about candidates’ abilities to coup with the challenges in the workplace.  Frankly speaking, if you are a mediocre elsewhere you are unlikely to get a job in Qatar!


In addition, salaries in Qatar are NOT very much higher than the rest of the region.  Employers in Qatar are aware of the situation elsewhere and they are ready to offer the right price for the right talents.  In fact, certain jobs pay less in Doha than in Muscat or Manama.


The good news is that, generally, rental prices in Qatar have come to reasonable levels. Other components of cost of living in Qatar have also leveled off during 2018 and early 2019.


We will publish a special report on salaries and cost of living in Qatar shortly.


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