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How to Search for Jobs in Oman in 2019

Omanization of jobs in Oman in 2019


Are you looking for a job in Oman?

Well, finding jobs in Oman is not that easy anymore. Of course, that does not apply to Omani nationals. Omanization has made it very difficult for companies to hire expats across several sectors. Furthermore, more jobs in Oman will soon be available to Omanis only.

A List of Jobs in Oman for Omanis Only

In late 2017, Ministry of Manpower in Oman banned expat visa for the following jobs in Oman:

No.Information and Technology
1Information Security Specialist
2Geographic Information System Specialist
3Electronic Computer Networks
4Programmed Machines Maintenance - Electronic
5Electronic Calculator Maintenance
6Graphic Designer
7Electronic Surveillance - Equipment Assembly
8Electronics Technician - Telecom
9Electronics Technician - Control Instrument
10Electronic Technician - Medical Equipment
11Electronics Technician Broadcast
12Electronic Technician - Programmed Machines
13Electronic Technician - Computer Networks
14Computer Programmer
15Computer Engineer
16Computer operator
Accounting and Finance
17Bank Notes and Money changer
18Bank notes technician
19Account Auditing technician
20General accounting technician
21Cost account technician
22Costs accountant
23Insurance collector
Airport Professions
24Aviation Guiding Officer
25Ground Steward
26Ticket controller
27Airplane takeoff Supervisor
28Air traffic controller
29Aircraft Landing supervisor
30Passenger Transport supervisor
31Land Guide
32Insurance Agent General
33Real Estate Insurance Agent
34Cargo Insurance Agent
35Life Insurance Agent
36Vehicle Insurance Agent
37Factory Insurance Agent
Marketing and Sales
38Sales specialist
40Commercial agent
41Commercial manager
42Procurement logistics specialist
Information/Media Professions
43Media Specialist
44Page Maker
45Paper Pulp Machine Operator
46Bookbinding Machine Operator
47 Decorative Books Operator of
48Calendar Operator
49Paper Dyeing Machine Operators
50Bill Printing Machine Operator
51Cylinder Press Operator
52Rotating Press Operator
53Offset Printing Machine Operator
54Color Press Operator
55Palnographic Press Operator
56Paper Folder Machine Operator
57Paper Coating Machine Operator
58Advertising Agent
Medical Professions
59Male Nurse
60Pharmacist Assistant
61Medical Coordinator
Administration and Human Resources
62Business Administration Specialist
63Public Relation Specialist
64Human Resources Specialist
65Administrative Director
Technical Professions
66Building Technician/Building Controller
67Electronic Technician
68Road Technician/Road Controller
69Mechanical Technician
70Soil Mechanics Laboratory Technician
71Steam Turbine Technician
72Construction materials lab technician
73Gas Network Extension Technician
74Construction Technician
75Transformer Technician
76Station Technician
77Electrical Technician
78Heat Operations Technician
79Maintenance Technician
80Chemical Technician
Engineering Professions
82General Survey Engineer
83Civil Engineer
84Electronic Engineer
85Electronics Engineer
86Mechanical Engineer
87Projects Engineers

More jobs to be Omanized, eventually!

According to officials and parliament members there will be righter constraints on expat visa moving forward. In fact, despite several measures the public’s demand to absorb Omanis are on the rise. As a matter of fact, even companies complying with Omanization ratios are asked to hire more Omanis.

These people will find it difficult to find employment in Oman in the near future

Expats in general will have to present strong reasons for being chosen over Omanis. Obviously, certain professions are easy to justify. Labor-intense jobs with moderate pay cannot be filled by Omanis. That is why the construction sector in Oman is always under Omanized.

On the other hand, highly technical jobs and jobs require specific skills are open to expats. Such jobs include: operators, technicians, mechanics and other similar jobs . Similarly, expats occupying high-end jobs such as doctors, college professors and industrial experts will probably be in demand for decades.

We recently got a call from an expat looking for a job for his daughter. We simply told him it was next to impossible for him to succeed because:

  • She was an expat, obviously
  • Fresh graduate with no experience
  • Has a degree in business administration (just as many Omani nationals)
  • Being a female expat is make it more difficult to get a work visa

Other factors to consider when searching jobs in Oman

Companies have become very selective in their hiring. This is mainly due to the decline in oil revenues since 2015. They are more rational when it comes to salaries. No more generous allowances. Instead, companies offer a full package. This might not be attractive to those who are new to the region.

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